RHme3 is the world’s first automotive CTF created together by Riscure and Argus Cyber Security.

One of our boards was modified for side channel analysis and fault injection tasks.

There were a decent number of RE tasks and here some RE hints.


  1. Ransom
  2. Ransom 2.0
  3. Race of a Lifetime
  4. Unauthorized
  5. Bluetooth Device Manager
  6. Phonic Frenzy 1
  7. Phonic Frenzy 2
  8. Car Crash
  9. Full Compromise
  10. Climate Controller Catastrophe
  11. Car Key Fob hardware backdoor
  12. CAN Opener
  13. Back to the Future
  14. Auto-psy
  15. Benzinegate
  16. It’s a Kind of Magic
  17. The Imposters